MusicWave Studio is a Sydney-based music studio providing a range of piano, flute, theory, music craft, musicianship and general music tuition services. Students will broaden their knowledge of music literature by listening and playing many unfamiliar and wonderful musics.
Students will experience ensemble playing through learning and playing. The studio is also equipped with computer softwares for composition and aural exercises. Students will develop their understanding of elements of music through performing and composing.
Classical, Jazz & Pop
Piano Tuition:
One to One - Fees are charged per term (Lower grades only require 30 minute lessons)
Music Craft:
One to One - Fees are charged per term (Music Craft / Musicianship / Theory can be taught in piano lessons eg : 45 mins piano + 15 mins musicianship)
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0433 010 623
Will be given by the term of 10 consecutive weeks. Fees are to be paid at the beginning of the term, unless there are special circumstances.
Lessons will be suspended during periods in the summer and on public holidays as announced by the teacher.
If a student is unable to attend, will still be charged in full unless the student of parents give a notice 2 hours prior to the lesson. Lesson cancelled by the teacher will not be charged. In case of sickness at least 2 hours notice should be given.
Progress reports in the from of verbal and / or written communication will be provided by the teacher each lesson.
The teacher will not enter the student for any examination or competition without the prior consent to all parties.
Must be given at least 2 weeks in advance. It is expected that students commencing piano lessons will continue for a minimum of one year unless the teacher advises otherwise.